Easy Testimonials

Joanne, 36


Wow! I first heard of BWRT from a glossy magazine that my friend was reading and as soon as I found out

Joanne, 362018-12-04T06:23:07+00:00

Katherine, 65


My life was affected by a long term fear of using a lift. This phobia caused inconvenience to both myself and my

Katherine, 652018-12-04T06:22:26+00:00

Dorlisa, 42


Before I contacted Helen I often put down certain bad habits in my life as just habits, ones I have cultivated and

Dorlisa, 422018-12-04T06:02:13+00:00

Louise, 34


I initially contacted Helen on the basis of wanting to change my outlook to life in general. I knew I wasn’t happy

Louise, 342018-12-04T06:01:00+00:00