As a born-again, church going Christian I combine my life coaching qualifications with the confidence, wisdom and experience of living this life to be available for you.

Life Coach

Holistic Approach

I haven’t always been a Life Coach. I have a BSc Honours degree and my background is in sport. I was, and continue to be, fascinated by psychology. I also gained qualifications in sports coaching and a diploma in sports massage therapy. I enjoy the joining of the psychological aspects of sport and life and how that impacts the physical. And, as a Christian I believe in the spiritual aspect of life. Understanding spirit, soul and body and how each part of us relates and impacts the other is one of the key elements in my holistic approach to life coaching.

When you feel you need that extra support through something or just looking for encouragement or a boost, it can be hugely important to know the person you’re talking with shares your foundational beliefs, it’s not always necessary, but it can be a comfort.

It’s more meaningful for me to be a life coach for Christians because without Christ there’s always going to be a missing part of the puzzle and someone will miss their full capacity and ability to achieve all that they’ve been created to do. When I have coached women who have no faith the impact can be, and often is, life changing. However, I believe there is a limit to that.


My life coaching has evolved over nearly 15 years. I worked in the marketing department for a top Christian Media agency in London. This, along with a previous role in a Missionary ministry and life as a Christian who attends church, means I have encountered women from all walks of life and various denominations of churches. I have worked with women across the whole church spectrum from the traditional ‘high’ end, to the more charismatic/Pentecostal ‘free’ end including cultural churches, smaller churches and mega churches. I have also worked with those without a church. Your denomination doesn’t define you, but I know it can be an important part of your life, perhaps an expression of your walk of faith.

My own walk in life has helped shape who I am and therefore how I coach. I’ve always been a daughter and a sister, but as you continue in life there are always different roles and responsibilities being added that you can bring to the table. Being a coach, friend, therapist, wife, mother, property owner, share holder, business owner has helped me understand a wider array of circumstances and situations.

I am also a committed learner, I love to read, read, read and the wealth of knowledge from books, conferences, and teachers is always refining and impacting what I do and how I do it.

Nothing Shocks Me

I am uniquely positioned to understand the issues of life with a Biblical worldview and within the context of a church or Christian community.

I understand the difficulty you may face in dealing with something that is hard anyway. Added to that is the extra pressure of feeling like you can’t tell anyone because you are a Christian and you shouldn’t be dealing with that kind of thing! This means you’re battling with self-condemnation because you’re trying to keep it all together. Although you may be surrounded by people, you may feel so isolated. It can feel like you’re leading a double life.

I will never sit in judgement of you, nothing shocks me! I have nearly 15 years of experience helping women from so many different walks of life with all manner of circumstances. I’m not sure I can say I have seen it all but I don’t think I’m far off!

You are not the first to be going through this, and you won’t be the last. It’s important to know that there is always hope.

God is on your side, and He delights in your success. In His love I will serve you and help you, I know nothing is impossible!