I have a BSc Honours degree.

I also have a diploma in Life Coaching and I am a qualified BWRT practitioner.

My background is sports therapy, working with Olympic and international athletes.

Life Coach

I hold the following strong core beliefs, I will not waiver or surrender these and these are the principles on which Life’s Next Level was founded

  • Everyone is made unique

  • Everyone is made with a purpose
  • No-one has a purpose that is greater or lesser than anyone else’s
  • Unity is how a body can move forward but there is undeniable power in ONE – One person can make a massive impact on the world
  • There is a Proverb that says “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. As this proverb suggests we limit ourselves in our thinking. We are limited by our beliefs of what we can or cannot do
  • Words have power
  • Positive thinking isn’t enough, we have to use our imagination and take positive action
  • Captivating our thoughts, becoming mindful of what we allow ourselves to think, is just the start and will lead to incredible breakthrough and means we don’t just have to survive life, we can thrive in life, we can conquer and enjoy doing it!