Quarterly payments receive a 10% discount.

You are unique with particular desires and needs. After your Mapping Meeting we will have absolute clarity on your goals, and I will devise a bespoke action plan to help you get there!

I usually work with clients on a minimum 3-month basis, 6 months or more is preferable for lasting change, but we can discuss all this to make sure it’s just right for you.

A 3 month plan may look like 2 hours of coaching a week. This can be broken down to suit you. For example we could have 2 hours face to face or an hour and a half face to face with a half hour phone/skype call on a different day.

Our face to face meetings can take place in your home or a place where you feel most comfortable. This is about you feeling relaxed and confident and making the sessions work for you.

You may want more, you may want less, or you may just want BWRT. We can create the best plan to suit your needs after your Mapping Meeting.

Don’t feel ready for your Mapping Meeting yet? Don’t worry, I’m still happy to answer any questions you might have, Get in Touch, or check out my Questions page.