Wow! I first heard of BWRT from a glossy magazine that my friend was reading and as soon as I found out about it I knew I wanted to seek out someone who could help me. This was when I found Helen online. She really did help. To my joy and surprise I have been able to overcome a debilitating fear that I have carried with me all my life. It has really changed the way I think and react to what used to be an awful situation. Thanks Helen!

Joanne, 36

My life was affected by a long term fear of using a lift. This phobia caused inconvenience to both myself and my family in so many ways. Using a lift caused me anticipated anxiety, fear, distress and embarrassment so I would do anything to avoid it, I’d climb 10 flights of stairs if I had to! If there was no other way then I would have to hold on to my husband’s arm, close my eyes and really struggled to control myself. I decided I needed to live my life free of all these debilitating emotions and decided to ask Helen for help. I was sceptical at first, that the outcome and difference could be so quick, but Helen explained everything so well, I just trusted her to help me. After undergoing just one session with Helen I went to a shopping centre the following day to test it out and I confidently used a glass lift and then went on to an enclosed lift, twice, and I was completely relaxed without all these negative emotions which is so liberating! I am so grateful!

Katherine, 65

Life Coach Testimonials

Before I contacted Helen I often put down certain bad habits in my life as just habits, ones I have cultivated and learned. Helen has completely broken down so many areas in my life that has allowed me to deconstruct the way in which I have formed ideas and thoughts that have created these habits in my life. She has helped me to take back control and understand that I have the ability to alter my destiny and not to be slave to any habit that I don’t want in my life. Thank you Helen you have been amazing!

Dorlisa, 42

I initially contacted Helen on the basis of wanting to change my outlook to life in general. I knew I wasn’t happy with how I acted and dealt with certain issues and reactions to people’s comments or just how I reacted in general. It was like I often did things without really wanting to, often resulting in disliking myself for doing so. I used to look for a quick fix to my issues I soon realised that I need proper help. Helen completely changed my outlook to life, my understanding of my inner self and I have made a lot of progress in becoming the person I want to be. She has helped me to love myself. Helen is an extended part of my life now, she is someone I can trust who I know can give me clarity of understanding through her questioning. Knowing I can lean on her during our sessions gives me an inner confidence in my life.

Louise, 34