It’s good for everyone to have someone they are able to speak to in a confidential, non-judgemental way. Friends and family can be great for this but I know that their opinions and biased beliefs can often hinder moving forward.  Your life is more important than anything else, some life transitions can be so emotional that the only way to move on and start growing again is to have someone else come along side you to get you through.

You have coaches in sport, managers at work to help you do your job, even people in stores who can help point you towards the correct aisle to find the product you want. But, what about you, your inner goals or thoughts, who is helping you from a life point of view?  This is where I come in as your life coach.

Perhaps you are thinking;

How can Helen really help me fulfill my ambition, I know I want out of this job and feel unfulfilled but I just don’t know what I should do?

A young lady I was coaching was struggling with employment. She felt stuck in a job she didn’t like, hated even. There were no jobs available for what she wanted to do. She needed the money the job gave her so, for her, there was no option to leave. She had to be there so she could spend her time miserable or choose to be happy, happy she had a job, happy she had money coming in.  With my coaching she made an amazing change. We worked on being positive and grateful, keeping a journal of this really helped her. With time this simple change of mindset, having a positive outlook, having a positive focus and being mindful to say positive things had a domino effect on other areas of her life. Self-esteem, confidence and self-worth increased massively. She chose to volunteer her time in the sector she wanted to work in.  There wasn’t any position available but they were so impressed with her attitude they created one just for her. She is now working towards setting up her own business.

How can Helen help me see beyond this bereavement?  It’s all I can think about I just cannot see me getting out of this hole.

Bereavement and grief can be a very difficult thing. One client I coached felt a terrible grief, and found it extremely hard to feel any kind of freedom to move forward without being drawn back to guilt and despair. Having me as a coach gave her an outlet to express her true feelings, which she didn’t feel comfortable saying to her family and friends as she was concerned that it would upset them. As well as working through acceptance and grief, we’ve managed to create a vision and a focus. We’ve implemented goals, ways to measure her progress which has made the journey more manageable for her. Step by step she is moving forward to live a life she doesn’t feel guilty about in a way she feels her loved one would be happy with.

I’m going through a divorce and just have zero self-confidence and self-esteem, I just feel like I’m a zombie going through every day with no agenda or zest for life

A lady I was coaching just felt fed up, she didn’t know what she wanted, she felt trapped. She had anxiety about her recent relationship breakdown, her age and appearance and she felt that life was just slipping away. We worked to get rid of toxic thinking that was causing her a lot of pain. We unpacked a lot of damaging beliefs she held about herself. She replaced them with beneficial and productive statements. She told herself in the mirror everyday and eventually she began believing them instead of the derogatory, unkind things others, and herself, had echoed to her in the past. We have set goals and she is driven and excited about the future, she has managed to lose weight and feels a great deal more confident. She has now retired but her life is fuller than ever!

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