I believe you are a unique creation. There is meaning to your life, you have a special purpose. You may be experiencing or dealing with something that causes you to question that.

Navigating life can be difficult, particularly if there have been challenging or devastating circumstances. Whatever your reason for seeking a coach and however far along that journey you are, I’m here to help you. I won’t sit in judgement.

Even though you may be part of a loving church family, sometimes shame or embarrassment stops us from going to the people that are there for us.

Perhaps there are family members, parents, siblings who have a position in the church and you are concerned about the consequences for them.

Or you may not have a church family or anyone to turn to.

Womans Day

Things in your life you might seek help for;

  • Being dissatisfied and knowing there is more
  • Issues from the past that are affecting your today and robbing you of your tomorrow
  • Marriage/relationship issues
  • Business/employment problems
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Abuse/rape
  • Abortion
  • Eating disorders
  • Illness
  • Disillusionment with the church
  • Cult/religious issues
  • Anger at God

The amazing thing is we can start on a level knowing that our core beliefs are the same. Jesus is the son of God he died on the cross to save us and he rose on the third day and is alive. We have been sent the indwelling Comforter, the Holy Spirit, and all the gifts He brings to help us. Knowing this you can be assured that I will act in truth and love. I will do everything possible to help you walk your path to freedom and equip you to fulfil your dreams and what you were made to do!

Contact me for your free Mapping Meeting and I will make a bespoke plan for how I can help you move forward.

Check out my Life Coaching page and Testimonials page to read how I’ve helped other women like you.

It is important for me to make it clear that if you are a victim of crime then I will support you and your decision how you want to deal with it. If you are the perpetrator of a crime this does not mean I will not work with you. However, I do have both a legal and moral obligation to make it known to the appropriate authorities.