Respect, Don’t Reject.


For any relationship to work, we must accept each other’s differences. Even in the most loving of relationships there are differences of opinions. This, however, doesn’t mean they are less loving. In fact, it can mean the very opposite. Showing respect and honouring the other person by allowing them their freedom expresses another level of love.  We don’t need to agree on every issue, but respecting where the other person is coming from reassures them that your love isn’t fickle. It demonstrates a confident and mature love.

Falling Apart?

Sometimes our families fall apart because we try to force our opinions on the people we love. We can unintentionally set boundaries to keep nonconformists out. Our mood and body language shuts out those we should want to keep close. This is why Christmas can be such a tense time. It’s a time of families getting together, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is a happy time for everyone. Arguments and clashing of views get in the way of what should be a joyful time of being together. Aim to focus on the things that unite you, rather than the things you disagree on.


Invest patiently in your relationships. Respect other people’s perspectives. Sow good seed and you’ll always reap a pleasant harvest in the long term. Your love, not the force of your argument, can give hope to fruitful and meaningful relationships.